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Live Trivia Online

Welcome to the first live trivia game that runs all day, every day.

How Trivia Live works:

You can join the trivia game at any time.

Every 20 seconds, there will be a new question. As soon as the trivia question appears, the timer starts running down, and you will have 10 seconds to lock your answer.

After the timer runs out, the correct answer will be revealed.

Every correct answer builds up your streak. But be aware. As soon as you don’t answer or locked in the wrong answer, you will lose your streak series.

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Feedback & Issues

Trivia Live is still in open beta, and we’re constantly working to improve the game and question. We already have amazing things planned for you!

In the meantime, let us know if you have feedback or want to report an issue. We would love to hear your feedback and how we can improve the live trivia quiz. Just send us a message, and also include your username, so we can send some coins to your account!

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